Magnatone Amps – The historic amp, making history again

The classic, vintage tube amp of yesterday is back — made by hand, played by superstars.

Magnatone’s invention of the electical vibrato amplifier circuit in 1957 was, and remains, the standard for true pitch shifting effects. Today’s line of Magnatone models incorporate that same vibrato circuitry which, as experts know, includes silicon carbide varistors, as well as vacuum tubes, to achieve the “True Dimensional Sound” for which Magnatone is famous.

Neil Young, Billy Gibbons, Jeff Beck, and countless others affirm that after years of R&D, artist input, and rugged testing, the best amp you can buy has arrived. No other amplifier has the blend of rich history and modern engineering that you find in the all American-made Magnatone. 

Traditionell Collection

Varsity Reverb: 12“ Combo
Panoramic Stereo: 2x10“ Combo
Twilighter: 1x12“ Combo
Twilighter Stereo: 2x12“ Combo
Single V: 2x12“ Combo
Traditional Extension Cabinet: Traditional Collection 1x12“ Cabinet
Traditional Collection 2x12“ Cabinet
Traditional Collection 1x10“ Cabinet

Master Collection

Super Fifty-Nine MK I Head Only
Super Fifty-Nine MK II: Head (Black)
Head (White)
1x12“ Combo (Black)
1x12“ Combo (White)
Master 2x12“ Lighted Cabinet: Master Collection 2x12“ Cabinet (Black)
Master Collection 2x12“ Cabinet (White)

Studio Collection

Lyric: 12“ Combo
Varsity: 12“ Combo

Options and Accessories

Head Covers
112 Covers
212 Covers
Remote Speed Pedal
1-Button FS
2-Button FS
Magnatone 10´Cable