Private Stock Tonare Grand "The Tree" #7614

"‘The Tree" - a Mythic Source of 500-Year-Old Mahogany Coveted by Slash, Andy McKee, Michael Watts and More. This Guitar is one of the most amazing and rarest PRS Guitars available. This Guitar contains the last "The Tree"-Set PRS had available.

“The Tree” is perhaps the single most sought after Mahogany in the world.

Chichibul Jungle, Honduras 1965: A magnificent 100 foot tall mahogany tree, 50 feet across at the base, was felled by hand, 100 miles away from the nearest sawmill. Unfortunately, the tree landed in a steep ravine, and due to the remote location, could not be recovered.

There it lay for nearly 20 years, until it was finally recovered. Once milled, the amazing and unique figure of it’s wood was revealed. One third of this amazing tree yielded a blister/quilt figure, one third was a mix with pronounced “veins”, and the remainign third was a waxy quilt figure.

Since the mid 1980’s this wood, simply and reverently known as “The Tree”, has been perhaps the most sought after wood in modern lutherie. Mahogany from The Tree is unique in it’s figure and tone (denser than most mahogany with a warmer rosewood like tone).  

This amazing one-of-a-kind guitar was custom designed and includes a ebony fingerboard with customs private stock inlay by Paul Myles, a Private Stock Eagle inlay on the headstock, a mahogany neck and a Torrified Red Spruce top. The rosette is modified modified mosaic. 


Versand aus Deutschland.
Lieferbar nach Deutschland in ca. 3 Werktagen.
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Name Tonare Grand
Top Wood Torrified Red Spruce
Rosette Mosaic ("The Tree" w/ other matching woods- Ebony lines to separate woods)
Back & Side Wood The Tree- Mahogany
Bridge Wood Ebony
Binding Ebony
Endwedge Detail Standard
Color Black Burst on Top & Natural Back & Sides in High Gloss Nitro same as a Natural Satin Neck
Number of Frets
Scale Length
Neck Wood Mahogany
Truss Rod Type Adjustable Trussrod
Fretboard Wood Dark Ebony
Fretboard Inlays Modified Mosaic
Neck Shape Wide
Headstock The Tree- if possible; if not use Ebony (dark as possible) with Old Private Stock Eagle
Truss Rod Cover Dark Ebony
Bridge Dark Ebony
Tuners PRS / Gotoh with Ebonized Buttons
Hardware Type Black
Treble Pickup none
Bass Pickup none
Middle Pickup none
Controls none
Case PRS Black Paisley Ameritage Case
Strings Standard
Serial Number #7614 / 18 -
Info The Tree: The Most Notorious Tonewood in the World. Guitars made from The Tree routinely sell for $30,000-$40,000. It has been handpicked by famous musicians and rock stars for use in their personal instruments. Luthiers such as Robert Taylor, Michael Greenfield, Richard Hoover, Dana Bourgeois, and Ervin Somogyi have used it in their most prized builds.
But what is The Tree? What makes this single tree so extraordinary? Where did it come from and exactly how much of this wood is left?
What makes The Tree so rare?
The Tree's figure (commonly called quilted, blistered, or tortoise shell) is thought to be caused by a genetic defect. In truth, the reason for its dramatic appearance remains largely a mystery.
While the cause of its beauty may be open for debate, the fact that it is beautiful certainly is not.
The look of The Tree is totally and utterly breathtaking—unbelievable depth of color often coupled with a large, undulating pattern of glistening waves and spider webbing.
The Tree's dramatic figuring is classified in three main categories. One pattern resembles a tortoise shell, its triangular shapes having dark veiny outlines. Another is often referred to as a sausage quilt, as its wide horizontal patterns bear a resemblance to [sausage links], with rolling vertical lines that look like long, wavy tendrils. The third type of figuring is blistered, which, with its illusion of irregular curly shapes, is the wildest variation. While all three varieties are dazzling, the tortoise-shell pattern is most wildly coveted… - Adam Perlmutter [6]
The tone of The Tree is unlike any other wood available. The Tree's density, response, and headroom rival that of the best Brazilian rosewood, and it has an open, ringing quality at first strum.
To date there have been no other trees found that compare to The Tree—in look and in tone, it truly is one of a kind.
How much wood is left from The Tree?
Wood from The Tree does not come up for sale often and commercial supplies are currently exhausted. When builders come across it, they tend to hold onto it zealously—leading to the supply shortage and high demand. By our estimate there are likely 100 to 200 sets of tonewood from The Tree remaining in the world. That is the bad news.
Blog Das ist wohl die rarste PRS Acoustic Gitarre, welche man aktuell am Markt findet. Hier ist eben nur der Mythos des "The Tree" Holzes zu erwähnen und es ist eigentlich alles gesagt. "The Tree" ist das wohl rarste, einzigartigste und legendärste Tonholz welches es gibt. Gerne erzähle ich Euch alles über dieses Holz.
32.000,00 €
Preis inkl. 5.109,24 € MwSt,
zzgl. Versandkosten

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