We offer free delivery on orders of € 25.00 or more within Germany.

weight bis 1 kg from 1 kg from 10 kg from 20 kg above 31.5 kg delivery time appr.
Germany 6 € 9 € 40 € 80 € * 3 days

All other countries, incl. USA on request.

  1. The days specified are standard delivery times in working days. Depending on the countries, delays may occur (e.g. customs, islands).
  2. Deliveries to and from the following countries are shipped exclusively by air: Andorra (AD), Gibraltar (GI), San Marino (SM) and Spain for the regions (post code routing areas 35, 38, 51-52) of the Canary Islands (IC) and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla.
  3. The Netherlands and France excluding oversees territories, Denmark excluding Greenland (GL) and the Faeroe Islands (FO), Serbia excluding Kosovo, Italy excluding Vatican City (VA).
  4. Additional island shipping costs are charged for parts of the British Isles and the Scottish Highlands, the Isle of Man (IM), Guernsey (GG) and Jersey (JE).
  5. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs (to & from) on any returned items.
  6. Please notify that we don´t accept returns on trade deals. All trades are final.

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